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Thank You!

Thanks to all who participated in the WAM Users Group Meeting held in Lincolnshire, IL
on November 13th and 14th!  We truly value your participation.

The following resources are available for attendees, as well those
who were invited but were unable to attend.




Auto Validation and Management Reports
Alfonso Ziccardi
Glycohemoglobin A1C and the Estimated Average Glucose Simplified with WAM
Rose Miller
Intermountain Healthcare Platelet Clumping Project
Warren Brown
Sysmex WAM Advantage
Gerald M. Davis

Sysmex WAM Support
Deb Lees

WAM Fresh Start
Natalie Schulte

Sysmex WAM-What’s New!
Anne Tate
Use of the IANC
(Instrument Absolute Neutrophil Count)
to Improve Turn Around Time

Wendy Hintz-Prunty
WAM 4.1 to 4.1.1 Maintenance Keeping Your WAM Healthy
Rosa Raney


Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers

Q&A Updates:
12-4-2013 added HBA1c information
12-6-2014 added Abs Neut Count information
12-9-2013 added CellaVision information