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Sysmex WAM Patch Summary 04_28_14

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General Updates

62-1498 WAM XN-20 Action Messages Software Update

62-1403 Sysmex WAM™ v.5.0.2 XN-L Series Interfaces

Sysmex WAM auto-validation rate survey results June 2016

Sysmex WAM™ XN Action Messages for WAM v4.1.1 and v5.0.2

62-1321 – Microsoft Windows® 7 Compatibility Sysmex WAM v1/4.1.1 and v5.x

62-1307 – Sysmex WAM™ Support Hours Change – English

62-1307 – Sysmex WAM™ Support Hours Change – French

Expanded hours

62-1310 – Sysmex WAM™ v5.x – Integration Process Optimization

Rule execution

Sysmex WAM RedHat Linux Ghost Patch for v3.0,v4.1,v4.1.1 and v5.0

Password Management

62-1278 – Sysmex WAM Password Management
Frequently asked questions

5.x Updates

Associated Product Notification

62-1397 Sysmex WAM™ v.5.0.2 CT90/CT90S Interface Transmits Extra P “Patient” Record

62-1396 Sysmex XN-IC™ Software Corrections

62-1383 – WAM v5.0.2 Oracle Database Locking Contention17-016

62-1379 – Sysmex WAM™ v.5.0.2 LASC Interface Order Locking

62-1371 – Incorrect Results Are Intermittently Auto-Validating

62-1370 – Sysmex WAM™ v5.0.2 Oracle® Database Optimization

62-1365 – Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® Software Update #RHSA-2016:2106-1

62-1351 – Sysmex WAM™ X-N Series Action Series

62-1345 – Dilution Factor Calculated Results Not Updating

62-1344 – Duplicate Barcode Check Correction

62-1292 – Sysmex WAM™ v5.0 – Dilution Calculation Correction
Rerun screen

62-1275 – Sysmex WAM™ v5.0 – LIS Interface Optimization Correction
Retrieving LIS outbound messages

62-1266 – Sysmex WAM™ v5.0 – Software Corrections
Critical Result Display

62-1257 – Sysmex WAM™ v.5. – Software Corrections
Reflex Orders and Coded Comment and Free Text duplication

62-1250 – Sysmex WAM™ v.5. – Software Corrections
The delta rule is failing

62-1249 – Sysmex WAM™ v.5. – Software Corrections
Assignment of WAM internal number

62-1244 – Sysmex WAM™ v.5. – Software Corrections
CT-90 Host Communication Errors

62-1236 – Sysmex WAM™ v.5. – Software Corrections
AutoValidation Control Is Not Reactivated

62-1219 – Sysmex WAM™ v.5.0 – Corrections & Enhancements
Critical Comments Not Transmitted

62-1199 – Sysmex WAM™ v.5.0 – Integration & Rule Engine Update
No intermittent issues when a rerun is ordered through a rule

62-1192 – Sysmex WAM™ v.5.0 – Subkey M2I Field Updates
SUBKEY field in M2I does not set the result records incorrectly

62-1190 – Sysmex WAM™ v.5.0 – Integration Process Update
Integration Process does not hold on locked orders


62-1151 – Sysmex WAM™ v.5.0 Corrections & Enhancements
Quality Control Report updates.

62-1153 – Sysmex WAM™ v.5.0 Corrections & Enhancements
General application enhancements.

62-1152 – Sysmex WAM™ v.5.0 Corrections & Enhancements
Quality Control updates.

62-1160 -Sysmex WAM™ v.5.0 Selection Criteria and Care Unit Field Corrections

62-1168 Sysmex WAM™ v.5.0 SP-10™ Tower 2, Mode Indicator and PLT-F Corrections

62-1174 Sysmex WAM™ v.5.0 Critical Pop-up, SP-10™ and Unregistered Result Processing Updates

Time Zone
62-1178 Sysmex WAM™ v.5.0 Time Zone and Send to LIS Enhancements

4.1.1 Patches

Associated Product Notification

62-1213 – Validation Action of One Sample ID in the SID List Cumulative Update

62-1104 – Update to Address System Performance Issues

62-1134 – Update to address #nm in capillary mode.

62-1135-Sysmex WAM™v4.1 Resolutions & Improvements.

62-1137-Sysmex WAM™v4.1 Resolutions & Improvements

62-1138 Sysmex WAM™ v.4.1.1 Corrections & Enhancements

62-1156 Sysmex WAM™ v.4.1 Corrections & Enhancements

62-1144 Sysmex WAM™ v4.1.1 Corrections & Enhancements
Attention: Sysmex WAM v4.1.1 Customers with CellaVision® DM96 v3.0 and v3.1

62-1169 Sysmex WAM™ v.4.1.1Previous Results in Chemistry Discipline not Displaying Correction & Quality Control Enhancements

62-1170 Sysmex WAM™ v4.1.1
Manually Ordered Reruns Overwrite Correction

62-1175 Sysmex WAM™ v4.1.1 MDIFF and Morphology Results Do Not Store Correction

4.1 Patches

Associated Product Notification

62-1065 SID List Focus, Comment Window not closing

62-1066 – Update to Rules, Reflex, Calculations & Sort

62-1068 – Updates to QC Lot Management

62-1067 – Interface updates to unregistered STAT & critical call box

WAM4_6g008P W41_dev
62-1084 -Updates to Chemistry Module Result Validation and Action Box

62-1089 -Updates to WAM v4.1 to enable Cellavision® analyzers DM96 & DM1200 and Sysmex analyzers XT-2000i™ & XT-1800i™ to receive comments and error flags.

  • Update to the pocH-100i™ Analyzer Interface.
  • Updates to the order integration form, MEDITECH result out
  • messages and Reflex orders received from the LIS.

62-1094 – Updates to accept orders with invalid DOB

62-1091 – Updates to the Critical Call Box

62-1104 – Update to Address System Performance Issues

62-1104 – Update to Address System Performance Issues

62-1106 -Update to POCH_NEW interface to look for presence of autodiff order / TS-500 and TS-2000 interfaces to display sorting tray number/ Bio-Rad Interface to allow tests to integrate on subsequent run
Update to DM96_211 interface to send STAT indicator to DM96 instrument

62-1107 – Update to management reports to prevent returned delinked Accessions/Update to Query using Workplaces to disallow returned candidates while known candidates are present.

  • Update to Popup box for ‘Resend to LIS’ to add the option of exiting out.
  • Update to query sort for Reruns list printouts so that the Rack ID is printed on a list.
  • Update to Query Print Function to print selected amount.
  • Update to Query report to include ‘Selection of the Query’ data.
  • Update to Query print list to add Missing unit #.
  • Update to Resend selection to allow the button to recreate messages to LASC that WAM already sent.
  • Update to smear order options so that multiple smears can be marked with a #r, #c and #v.
  • Update to Delta setting to look back at all previous occurrences rather than specified date.
  • Update to test options to disallow the keyword REFLEX to all tests.

62-1108 – Update to X-Series TM and XN-Series TM analyzer interfaces using fixed barcode length to remove restricted characters.
Update to X-Series and XN-Series analyzer interfaces using variable barcode length to remove restricted characters.

also known as the consolidated patch
62-1105 – Contains majority of the 4.1 patches and provides v4.1.1 compatibility with the XN-Series Analyzers