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Sysmex WAM Support of Regulatory Compliance

This tip provides guidance for how WAM supports the CAP Common, General and Hematology checklist Questions.

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This document provides an overview of reporting the Instrument ANC (automated neutrophil absolute count) prior to the release of the automated differential. It details the LIS configuration and workflow steps needed to implement in your laboratory.

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Sysmex’s Christine Hinz speaks at regional laboratory meetings

Christine Hinz, Sysmex WAM Product Manager, recently gave a talk at the California Association for Medical Laboratory Technology meeting Saturday, March 11th, 2017 in Fresno, CA. Her workshop entitled “Hematology Essentials: A Foundation for Accurate Smear Reviews” is based on 14 years of experience in the lab and takes […]

Time to Validate your WAM Rules?

Do you need a tool to quickly test your WAM rules for annual verification? Do you want to save time and reduce your effort? STS can help you automate this annual activity!

Sysmex, in partnership with STS, has created a post implementation testing suite for your Sysmex WAM v4.1 and […]


Impact of Integrating Rumke Statistics to Assist with Choosing between Automated Hematology Analyzer Differentials vs Manual

This study evaluates the potential impact of real-time, computer-assisted statistical analysis in comparing auto differentials and differential cell counts using blood smear imaging systems such as the DM96 as conducted by H. Elizabeth Broome, from the Moores UCSD Cancer Center.

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The final frontier in software testing automation

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How do you compare with your peers?

Get smart with Sysmex WAM Hematology Benchmark Data.
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Sysmex WAM “How to” Videos

Go beyond the user manual and see how it is done! Access the library of step by step videos that demonstrate common workflow and troubleshooting questions

Middleware for Everywhere – Download the article from the July 2015 MLO issue that discusses how to use management reports to monitor your auto-validation rate and other metrics to optimize your laboratory performance.

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Learn the benefits of HbA1c testing using the HPLC Standards .

MLO – June issue:  HPLC – The Gold Standard in HbA1c testing

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